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Why Are Funeral Plans So Popular?
A funeral plan allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, either by monthly instalments or a single payment.
Here are the key benefits of Prepaid Funeral Plans
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Safeguard Your Family
Save your family from having to arrange and pay for your funeral. No surprise bills left behind - just happy memories.
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Beat Rising Costs
Since 2004 the average cost of a funeral has risen by 130% . Prepaying allows you to beat inflation & lock in today's rates.
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Do It Your Way
By pre-planning you can relax knowing that your wishes will be met. Your funeral will be carried out exactly as you want it.
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Types Of Funeral Plans
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Simple / Basic

The lowest costing plans that provide the basics of a funeral. There are limitations such as cremation only; lower contribrutions towards burial costs; absense of limousine; restricted date and time of funeral etc.
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Mid-level / Standard

Standard funeral plans provide the same features as the basic plans but with additions such as limousine; higher contributions for burial costs; wider choice of dates and times.
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Gold / Comprehensive

Comprehensive funeral plans provide the highest level of cover. As well as benefiting from services provided by Basic and Standard Plans, some providers will offer two limousines; a very flexible date and time of funeral viewing; special requests and other complimentary services.
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